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Q)    In what way preparation of IITJEE and boards different? If I prepare with focus only for boards, do I stand a chance in IITJEE and vice versa?

A) Although syllabus for Boards and IITJEE is very similar , In IITJEE  clarity of concepts and thinking ability is getting tested while boards tests the understanding of basic knowledge of subject.

Just preparing for boards may not equip you for sound application of fundamentals and ability to crack questions with multiple concepts. However, preparing for competitive exams focus to understand subject at a deeper level and hence directly contribute to preparation of boards. However, many practice tests on board level should be taken with proper test analysis to ensure proper understanding of pattern and marking scheme.  

Preparing with only board exams in mind may not give you edge in competitive examinations.

Q)    With the new suggested changes in selection criteria, whether I should focus on boards or preparation for IITJEE? If I don’t get 80% in boards will I even loose an opportunity to drop out and prepare for IITJEE for one year.

A)   Preparing for IITJEE , automatically prepares you for board level as you are preparing for a higher level. Sound conceptual clarity enhances your chances to score high in boards. One should certainly focus on preparation for competitive exams to discover true potential and understanding of concepts on deeper level .
When you are preparing for IITJEE you are also preparing for boards. However many practice tests with proper test analysis is recommended to orient your preparation in getting high marks in boards. It is always recommended to focus on competition at the beginning of class XI . First attempt in IITJEE should be when you are simultaneously appearing in your XII board exams. An year should be dropped only if there is a scope of significant improvement and should only be analyzed immediately after appearing for  IITJEE after working on the solutions of IITJEE from proper source . Also consider your level of preparation you have achieved before dropping a year.

Q)     Does FIITJEE prepare for boards or only for competitive exams?

 A)  FIITJEE gives comprehensive preparation for all competitive exams as well as Board exams .Many board toppers are FIITJEE students. In opinion of these students FIITJEE has immensely helped them to realize the dream marks apart  from Board and engineering entrance student have excelled in various Olympiads , KVPY, International SAT exams and National Talent Search Exams .(please visit Result  and Toppers speak section.

Q ) How does change in selection criteria effects us ?  What should be changed in strategy for IITJEE preparation ?

A) More practice tests and test analysis on Board level should be taken. IITJEE preparation with proper approach helps in board preparation .

Q) How often IITJEE pattern changes? What should one do to counter the changes in IITJEE pattern

 A) There is no fixed frequency of change in pattern. However the pattern is  frequently changed for last few years . One should insist on pattern proof
 preparation with sound fundamentals and concept clarity . Practice tests should   be taken with various probable pattern with proper test analysis and concept Strengthening session for each test.

Q ) All Boards are different ? Which board is preferred to score high?

 A) Different boards has different pattern and therefore different boards have   different scoring potential . BIHAR , MP ,UP are few examples where scoring  80% + is much more than CBSE . Most boards may dilute their papers so that  most of their student can score above 80 %. Syllabus of CBSE complies more with IITJEE syllabus, however nature of questions is entirely different .The board exam may not test what IITJEE stands to tests . Weight-age to board marks directly does not contribute to purpose  which IITJEE wishes to achieve. However it’s a opportunity for school to raise standard of education.      

Q) Should child join different tuition for boards? Does the coaching institute    helps   in board preparation.

A) It is not recommended to go for multiple tuitions .FIITJEE helps in competitive exams as well as simultaneously preparing for boards. FIITJEE not only focus on application of concept but for understanding of different approach and concepts itself which no other coaching does. Any institute which does not focus on raising the IQ level of child and running without high IQ faculty members may not serve the purpose for competitive exam nor the boards.
One should also realize the importance of self study accompanied by good study material.

Q) Does Integrated School Program of FIITJEE still holds good ? Is PINNACLE for two year IITJEE better?

A) Integrated School Program of FIITJEE is a revolution school program; in fact education at all levels. Pinnacle prepares a student for IITJEE, other engineering entrance exams, International Olympiads, KVPY, SAT and excellence in XII boards. What’s more, students don’t have to compromise on sports and extra curricular activities.

Q). In general what is the future of coaching institute .What is your opinion is this correct approach to rein in teaching shops.

A) Coaching emerges from the need to excel relative to others. Irrespective of anything coaching will continue to increase for all classes especially till XII and entrance exams .Standard coaching institutes always remain in limelight irrespective of changing trends and carries along the legacy from time to time. Coaching is as much there in USA and EUROPE for all classes beginning with early childhood .However maximum spent in INDIA is for supplementing the regular school education rather than competitive exams.
Solution to improve weak schooling is to improve teaching standards in school. 

Q) How does Four Year Classroom Program help in training future IIT-JEE aspirants?

A) It serves as the foundation for the student to train one selves and also bring in practice of preparing and facing the competition. It is an obvious choice for students who have engineering and medical career as a long term goal. It is a better way to start off early to be in the race and beat the competition

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